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 Never Ending Rap Battle (everyone on themselfs)

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Never Ending Rap Battle (everyone on themselfs) Empty
PostSubject: Never Ending Rap Battle (everyone on themselfs)   Never Ending Rap Battle (everyone on themselfs) Icon_minitimeWed Sep 09, 2009 10:53 am

spit these lines to tryna escape the pain
when i rhyme , get a wierd feeling that i cant explain
this feeling allows the words to flow outa ma brain
no i aint a gangsta , neva grew up in the hood
but i was usually accused , & misunderstood
so heres were ima start
dissin everyone to hate
besides my fam ymd ad kk
now listen, quit trying to rhyme
your wishin and hoping to keep your beats on time
now listen to yourself, and your broken rap
listen to my words, you'll be say oh snap
so just shut your mouth, cause im swift like the wind
now take a little time to try and comprehend
my shit is pretty good but this diss is better
you look like a faggot wearing a christmas sweater
this is a lump of coal in ur stocking
into ur moms pussy my cock will be docking
Hear me dude? the fire im spellin aint gonna wear off
Get too close bitch and ill chop yo fuckin head off
Messin with me bro, don't even bother
suckin on my balls your mom pays top dollar
Dude u did have a 3-way, i saw that happenin
Ur dick, ur right hand, and a pack of white napkins
u learned how to masturbate thats a plus
your the type of bitch who drops the soap on purpose
plz never get on this site again just go
get off this site bitch u cant flow
yo bitch u see my picture on my mission
the one wiv me and ur mum, in a tricky position
bitch i got style, flow n vision
ur wild for my rythm
ur raps suck n blow like a ride wiv eddie murphy
id rip u sum more but shiit, u aint worth it
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Never Ending Rap Battle (everyone on themselfs)
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